We realize that we are not the answer to discipling students. Parents are! We are excited to get to partner with parents in ministering to their students, even in the midst of changing dynamics in their relationship with their students.




What part of your relationship with God are you tempted to call common?

  • Scripture Focus: Acts 10
  • Connection Question: Share a time when you believed and asked God for something BIG and He came through. What does that answered prayer mean to you today?

God, and the way He loves, redeems, protects, provides, etc. for us, is anything but common. If we aren’t mindful, we will forget what we prayed for, believed for, dreamt for, and how He made those a reality in our lives. For some of us, we wanted to be financially stable, healthy, free from addictions or hangups- maybe He blessed you in that magnitude. But, it wasn’t always that way, He provided, you’re now living what you once hoped for, and that’s not common. Let’s encourage our students to see the awesomeness of God’s goodness and recall His faithfulness in our lives with awe and praise.




Nothing God does is common.

  • Scripture Focus: Exodus 16 and Numbers 112
  • Connection Activity: (Below is a challenge that was given to your student in large group- we’d like you to consider doing it together along with the question.) When you and your student have some down time, ask the following, “As you are learning that God is at work every day, all around us, what are a couple of situations that you’ve seen Him in lately?” 

Instructions from large group: Consider writing down at least 30 ways in which you can see God at work around you, or 30 things that you are thankful for, recognizing that God was a part of them.Don’t forget your answers too! Your student can learn a lot from you, and as adults, and we can learn looking through their eyes as well. We all need to take time to be still and reflect on the work that God is doing in our country, communities, relationships, homes, and the list goes on. If you are searching for God, stop and look, He is all around.